Smartest Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Pigeons from Your Bakersfield Attic

It will be rare to find someone who hasn' t encounter California pigeon since they can usually be found near the residential community all over the globe. There are people who love to keep them as pets. Unfortunately, not all of us will be comfortable on the idea of sharing our space with them. Feral pigeons will love to stay in large open spaces and they can be quite a problem should they decided to stay in our attic.

Step in Getting Rid of the Pigeon in our Attic

Aside from the damages that they can cause, the Bakersfield pigeons can also carry diseases. Some of these zoonotic diseases can lead to life-threatening condition. This is why you should try to get rid of them before they even establish their nest in your attic. Here are some ways on how you can deter their infestation.

Make Your Property less Appealing

You need to find ways on how you can make their roosting place uncomfortable. You may try installing Bakersfield bird spikes. You can also limit their access to their nesting area by introducing waterproof string. This will make it difficult for them to keep their balance on the string. Pigeons will also avoid areas that are slippery and sticky. You should never feed a pigeon or it will choose to stay in your property. They can easily invite their family if they realized that there is a free food in your house.

Seal the Holes

You need to seal all the gaps, cracks and holes that the pigeon can use to gain an access in your attic. You can close these holes by using steel mesh or hardware cloth. You should never ignore the window of your ACU. Most birds will find it a comfortable place to build their nest.

Scaring Tactics

You can convince the California pigeon to leave your attic by performing simple scare tactics. The birds can easily be startled by different things. Some people can use a sprinkler with motion sensor. This will prevent the pigeon from staying on a particular spot for too long. Even the sound of wind chimes or objects that move when the wind blows will scare them. The deterrents that you can use against owl will also be effective against pigeons.

Pigeon Traps

Pigeon traps would also be an excellent way to remove them from your Bakersfield attic. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the trap will depend upon the bait that you will use. You should also consider the placement of the trap. Pigeons are intelligent creatures that trapping them is a challenge. There are double door traps that are specifically designed for pigeons. The good thing about this trap is that it will not trap other creature such as squirrels. Unfortunately, the pigeon that you can capture will be limited.

By following the methods that we mentioned above, you will be able to keep your California attic free from pigeons. In case there is a recurring pigeon infestation in your attic, call the pigeon removal specialist to deal with the cause of infestation.

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