Raccoons in Your California Attic? Find Out How to Kick Them Out QUICK!

Raccoons are resourceful and smart California animals but they can sometimes be a nuisance creature. They can easily find ways to gain access to your garbage bins and collect your leftovers. You don' t want them near your yard or vegetable garden since they can destroy it and make it look unsightly. You also do not want them seeking shelter inside your house due to the amount of damages that they can inflict.

Ways to Keep the Raccoons Away from the Attic

Raccoons, similar with other small Bakersfield rodents, will invade our property since there is something in our house that is attracting their attention. Perhaps staying in our yard will give them a direct access to food and water. Fortunately, there are effective ways to get rid of them. Here are some of them.

Remove the Attractants

You need to remove all the things that are attracting them. For those who live in the suburban or urban California areas, it can possibly be the garbage in your yard. Make sure that your yard will stay clean. Any food items and materials that they can use to build their nest should be cleared. If you have fruit-bearing tree or plant in your yard, remove the fruits on the ground immediately. The raccoons will definitely leave if there is nothing that will make them stay in your yard. 

Seal Entry Points

Once the Bakersfield raccoon made it inside our house, you will have to seal all the possible entry holes that will prevent them from returning in your attic. The first step is to determine the entry points of the raccoons. The hole should at least be 3 inches in terms of diameters. In the attic, the possible access point may be located at the vent, nooks, and dormers. After you successfully identified all the entry points, it is time to seal them. Using metal mesh is a recommended solution. After sealing it, you will have to monitor this for a few days to ensure that you have successfully averted the infestation.


Trapping is still the most effective solution when the raccoon gained an entry in your attic. If the deterrents that you' ve set-up is not effective, your best solution would be live traps. Once you successfully trapped the animal, be sure to seek the assistance of the professional wildlife removal company. Trying to remove them yourself may possibly lead to injury. Choose effective bait that will allow you to successfully capture the creature. Check the trap regularly and ensure that there are food and water inside the trap to prevent the raccoon from dying of starvation or dehydration.

For those who choose the trapping method, remember that the California creature may feel agitated when you are releasing them. This is why we are advising you to allow the professional handle this matter. They can also provide you recommendations and tips to keep the raccoons away from your house. They are also well-versed on the rules and regulations with regards to the relocation of the creature.

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