Are Mothballs or Ammonia Effective Against California Snakes?

Most of us are scared on the presence of wildlife creatures in our California property. The fear will be magnified if the infestation we are experiencing is caused by an animal that receives negative representation such as skunks, bats, and the renowned snakes. Most people think that snakes can kill them after being bitten for only a couple of seconds. Due to this fear, you will look for a couple of solution for your problem.

Why Mothballs and Ammonia Are Ineffective Against Bakersfield Snakes

While we usually think that Bakersfield snakes are venomous, you will be surprised that only a small amount of them will carry a lethal dose of venom. Nonetheless, you still want to keep them off your property. Some people will scatter mothballs and spray ammonia all over their house to keep them safe from their attack.


The mothballs should not be used as a repellent. This is nothing more but a pellet filled with naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. Both compounds have detrimental effect on our wellbeing. According to the study, these elements are class-A carcinogenic. This may be effective against moth but wildlife creatures will simply ignore them. Mothballs also resemble the appearance of a chewable candy that makes it irresistible in the eye of the child. Once your kid accidentally ingests it, you will need to seek immediate medical assistance since this can be lethal.


The ammonia will have the same detrimental effect to our health. It is a California product that contains a very strong scent that is often used in cleaning bathroom sinks and toilet. They can eliminate almost all types of bacteria. However, inhaling a large amount of ammonia will cause the tissue to break up. They can also cause dizziness and nausea. The scent of most predators will resemble the smell of the ammonia. This is probably why most people will think that it will be effective in deterring the infestation.

Other Effective Ways to Repel Snakes

You should not use a repellent that will not be effective and will cause severe side effects to your Bakersfield health. There are different ways on how you can control their presence in your house using solutions with minimum risks. There are certain methods such as creating loud noises and water spray with motion sensor that will startle them. However, repellents will not deliver a long-term solution. You will have to match it with other solutions such as removing the things that are attracting them to create a house that is snake-free.

There are a lot of California people who tried to use mothballs and ammonia but these repellents have not been proven effective against snakes and other nuisance creatures. You may seek the help of the expert to help you determine the right type of snake and the best solution. Understand that there are snakes that belong in the endangered list. Harming them can lead to legal repercussion. By having the help of the professionals, you can guarantee that the methods are being conducted within the industry standard.

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